The project Location lies in the vicinity of Pakistan’s 13th most populous city Sialkot, located in north Punjab. The city which is well known as the Capital of sports goods in Pakistan because of its rapid growth of sports goods and lather manufacturing industries is now facing highly alarmingly air and ground water pollution, which is causing environmental hazards and severe health issues for its urban and for its rural population. Environmental pollution has also led to the outbreak of many deadly diseases including weakening of lungs function, birth defects, immune system defects, cardiovascular problems, neurobehavioral disorders, cancer, premature death, typhoid, hepatitis, and respiratory infections. Health experts also link liver damage, kidney issues, neurological problems thyroid system disorders, malaria, earaches pink eyes, bran, and nerve damage to the area. the rising incidence of deadly diseases and lack of adequate health facilities have further highlighted the importance of an international standard hospital in the region where free treatment can be provided to the deserving people without discrimination of their religion, culture, caste of ethnic values.